Our Background


The group of three known as Movie Character Corvettes began in 2021, when Bruce Wayne decided to make his Corvette into a Batmobile. Next was Garry Alsop, an avid car collector, all of which are yellow, joined with his yellow Corvette called The Punisher. Buddy Lamb was last coming to the group with his veteran-themed Corvette called Forrest Gump.

Bruce dresses up as The Joker or a Gotham City Police Officer. At a car show, Garry was told he was Dick Tracy, since he wears a yellow suit. Buddy surprised everyone by showing up at a car show dressed in full Batman attire, and things took off from there.
The group goes to car shows in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to promote car shows for kids, veterans, first responders, and various charities and poses for photos with the public free of charge. They have also created their own special trophies that they award to a boy and a girl at each show.